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S102: Character Fact Files: SJS Judge Prince

Welcome Dreddheads to another JDMG update. Today we will be looking at SJS Judge Prince. With a bit of a seedy past, SJS Judge Prince will be the representation of me in the Dredd world (Judging the Judges). So let's get into the fluff and fun of the SJS.


"Welcome to the SJS son. Your now despised by everyone including the get use to it. Your one of us now, so remember your loyalties!"- Unknown SJS tutor.
The SJS is despised by the other Judges due to their extreme methods and shady past. The SJS's main role is to Judge the Judge and keep a watchful eye out for corruption. Some of their methods include random searches and the torture of Judges during interrogations. Even though Judge Dredd has had many run ins with the SJS, he has considered them a useful branch of the law and in 2080 they even attempt to recruit him. Most of their shady past stems from the rule of Chief Judge Cal. The now deceased Cal once controlled the SJS and during his time used assassination to gain power and finally the position of Chief Judge. As head of SJS, Cal was able to use info gathered to blackmail numerous corrupt judges into helping him, ensuring that he had plenty of allies to assist him in the coup d'├ętat. When Cal usurped power, the SJS attempted to frame Dredd for murder, and later attempted to assassinate him. It was also during this time that Chief Judge Cal used squads of SJS to strike fear and terror into the citizen population, having them carry out random killings and lead the work gangs on building the wall.

Following Cal's death a new Head of the SJS was chosen. Judge McGruder was entrusted with the responsibility of leading the SJS and restoring its integrity. This was a short lived ideal and by the time Judge Niles was head of SJS conspiracy was being practised again by the SJS. As Niles lead the SJS against the now Chief Judge McGruder to force her to resign due to mental health issues and get Judge Volt made Chief Judge.
It should be noted that the SJS has produced three Chief Judges: Cal, McGruder and Volt, many believe it is due to blackmail and backhanded deals that this has happen. 

Case File: Judge Prince.

Graduating in the class of 2099 alongside the now deceased Judge Giant. Judge Prince has seen it all. From Dredd riding out into the Cursed Earth to save Mega-city 2, to being himself brainwashed by Chief Judge Cal in 2101. At the outbreak of Block Wars, Judge Prince was transferred to Sector 102 to assist in crowd control. Following the Sov's devastating opening attack Judge Prince handled himself with distinction. Rallying a resistance group of local citizens and Citi-Def troops. Judge Prince successfully managed to lead them in guerrilla actions against the Sov forces throughout Sector 102. At the end of war, half of Sector 102 was left flooded and seriously damaged. But slowly the rebuilding happened and the sector found itself becoming a busy and active harbour region servicing the Black Atlantic. Then in the year 2112 much to his shame, Judge Prince was among the Judges processed by the Sisters of Death and aided the executions on the population of MC-1. Even though given a full pardon Prince could not forgive himself. It was at this time that he was recruited into the SJS. His trained saw the burning desire to seek out corruption, wherever it may be. Throwing himself into work, Prince's Judge arrest rate doubled in the following years. Then came 2114 and the Day of Judgement arrived. Prince was transferred straight to the wall to aid in the defence of the city, here he witnessed scenes unimaginable and watched fellow Judges die. In one action just before the end, Prince lost a hand to a zombie bite. Which has now been replaced by an artificial one, which still itches.
Now in his 40's Judge Prince is a cold, emotionless SJS Judge. Most of his colleges are dead, gone or arrested and the streets of Sector 102 just keep getting rougher and decaying into Chaos.

Side Note...All fluff is based pre-chaos bug.

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