Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Beers with Peps: Brew Review- Dieu du Ciel Charbonnéire

Welcome back drinkers, just in time for a brew review. I recently discovered Dieu du Ciel brewery over the last year and have fallen in love with them. Since then I have attempted to buy any bottles that I could find locally and want to collect all the different labels. If you haven't had them before then I can't recommend them enough. So let's get to the review:


Name: Coal (Charbonnéire)
Style: Smoked
Brewery: Dieu du Ciel (website)
Country: Montreal, Quebec Canada
Price: $3.25 CAD
ABV: 5.5%
Commercial Fluff:
Inspired by the tradition of rauchbiers - smoked beers of Bamberg region of Germany - the Charbonnière is an amber ale with boucanées notes, obtained by the incorporation of malt smoked over wood during brewing. On the palate, it's slightly sweet and malty roundness side intertwine its smokiness that is abundantly expressed in each sip.

Own Opinion

Sight: Pours a wonderful amber red with a beige head that hangs around. It's an extremely clear beer, well filtered.
Aroma: Smoke, lots of smoke..Feels like I'm sniffing bacon. Also a sweetness to the aroma like caramel.
Taste: Wow. Big smoky bacon taste, rounded out by a sweetness of caramel. But has a bit of  a harsh back of throat dryness, which is unsurprising due to the smoke. You'll feel like you've inhaled a bonfire.

Would I buy it again? Yes but only when I want a smoked beer. This is definitely an occasional beer. Couldn't drink more than one in a night. Also it messes with the tastebuds so don't have it as your first drink.

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