Monday, 25 April 2016

Beers with Peps: Brews Review- Beyond the Pale Pink Fuzz

Hey drinkers! I'm back for another brew from one of my favourite local breweries. Beyond the Pale is located in Ottawa, only five minutes from where I work. SO super handy, for when I need a fix. So it will come as no surprise when I say there will a lot of beer reviews from this place. For today's brew by them, we will turn our tastebuds towards Pink Fuzz! This beer is one of Beyond the Pale's most popular brews and in the last year started being canned and sold in LCBOs throughout Ottawa. The company as a whole has a great look and appeal, from the classic logo that is on everything all the way to the new bottle and can art we are now starting to see. I hope to do a full taproom review soon so hang on for that. 

The first time tasting it, in June 2015 (bad phone pic)


Name: Pink Fuzz
Style: Wheat Beer
Brewery: Beyond the Pale (website)
Country: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Price: $3.00 CAD - 473ml Can from LCBO (taproom has growlers)
ABV: 6.0%
Commercial Fluff:
"Grapefruit zest and pulp are used to insert the character of the fruit into the beer, and hops are carefully selected to emphasize the citrus notes. Don’t expect this to taste like the first course of Sunday breakfast; the fruit flavour is subtle, and the bitter quality of the grapefruit is balanced by a bit of sweetness in the finish."
The Can artwork is great!
Own Opinion

Sight: From the can it pours a murky golden yellow with a good two fingers head that quickly dissipates.
AromaBang! Grapefruit straight away, along with a bit of a resin/pine hoppy aroma. Backed up by a slight wheaty mouth taste and cereal smell.
Taste: A bit of a tart zing to begin with, along with a big hit of grapefruit. Tasting a lemony-ness which may explain the tart almost sour mouthfeel. Overall very refreshing, making my mouth water like a fruit pastel and has a gentle bitter finish.
Would I buy it again? Yes.

By far this is my most drunk beer since arriving in Canada 2015. It's great to see this beer in nearly all my favourite bars. It's also my go to beer if I just fancy something refreshing. During the last summer it was a really good thirst quencher and I can see it filling that role again this year. This beer has so many perks to it that it is impossible to give it a bad review. 

Though hard to find outside of Ottawa (not impossible but definitely hard), have you tried it? Drop me comment below and let me know.

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