Thursday, 14 April 2016

Beers with Peps: Brews Review- Kensington Brewery Watermelon Wheat.

This time we have a fruit flavoured beer from last summer. This beer is made with watermelon and is produced by Kensington Brewery. Why did I buy this? Answer: Look at the can it looks so crazy! Also never tried a beer made with Watermelon. 


Name: Fruit Stand Watermelon Wheat
Style: Fruit Beer/Wheat Beer.
Brewery: Kensington Brewery (website)
Country: Canada (World famous for it's Watermelons??)
Price: $2.95 CAD - 473ml Can
ABV: 4.5%
Commercial Fluff:
"As an homage to the dozen or so fruit stands that line the streets of Kensington Market, we’ve brewed a light and crisp wheat ale flavoured with watermelon. Fermented with a Kolsch yeast, this wheat beer is cleaner than most – no banana or clove here! 100% all natural Watermelon juice was added during fermentation and results in a mild but enjoyable watermelon aroma and flavour. A summer favourite, you can find this on your patio of choice from May to September."

Own Opinion

Sight: Already disappointed, wanted to see a great shade of pink. Instead I'm greeted by a foggy golden yellow beer, with a thin white head on top.
Aroma: A gentle wheat, malt aroma, with a very gentle sweet watermelon aroma hidden in the background. Reminds me of perfume or a cheap body scrub.
Taste: Straight away on the first sip you get watermelon. After the first sip though, it seems to give way to a very light pale ale almost watered down flavour. But the watermelon taste returns at the end and sets up camp in the back of throat. I was tasting watermelon for the rest of the evening.
Would I buy it again? No.

Once again I'm left wanting more from a Fruit infused beer. In my mind I wanted to have a sweet refreshing beer to help cool off in the summer heat, but was instead left with a bad taste in my mouth. Don't understand the use of wheat in this beer either. By making it a 'cleaner' beer it lost most of the wheat characteristics like banana and cloves. So why not just use a pale malt?

Leave me your thoughts below. 

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