Monday, 14 March 2016

Kabal of the Black Heart Grows.

Welcome followers to a new section of the Fallen Princes blog: Kabal of the Black Heart. In this section we will follow the progression of the Kabal from random units, into a functioning allies force, into a full blown army. The main purpose of this force is to break up the painting of yellow Iyanden, as well as adding to the bitz box collection for when the corsairs start.

So why the Black Heart?

That's an easy question. They were involved in the Battle of Valedor and worked along side Iyanden forces. So whenever I pair them together, I can have supporting fluff mentioning the alliance. I own the Valedor Warzone book, which is providing me with plenty of background ideas and names. The main one being the Murderflock. The Murderflock is the given name to a formation of Helions and Scourges, two of my favourite units as chance would have it. They specialize in rapid deployment, striking hard and fast before running away with the spoils. This will open my play style up a bit as I currently have a foot slogging Eldar force.

Helions being badass!
So what is the plan? 

To build a 500-point allied detachment. Which as a minimum has to contain 1 HQ and 1 Troop choice. For these restrictions I shall have an Archon called Saranak (one of the few named DE in the book) and a Kabalite Unit known as the Children of Yig. Then will come the fun stuff Helions!

So a while back I practiced the scheme and here were my results. Still need highlights and finishing but the results are pleasing. Undercoated black, dry brushed green. I really feel a bright green highlight would make them pop and finish the look off.

I also want to rebase them to match my current basing choices. So as always drop me a comment and let me know your thoughts below.

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