Sunday, 28 June 2015

Eldar verus Elysians

So after my return to 40k a month ago. I have managed to paint up a 1000ish point force and convinced a local gamer (alias Chimera), to give me a reintroduction. As I hadn't played in a while a few rules and stats got messed up. But overall it was a fantastic game and here is the pictures to prove it.

Elysian Drop Troopers
The Yellow King Eldar
The set-up was Hammer and Anvil, with Crusade (5 objectives). The game lasted 5 rounds and the winner will be announced after the photos.

Warning lots of photo's after the break.

Sunday, 21 June 2015

The Pallid Mask- Jain Zar and Howling Banshees

Been busy painting these girls up. Just need to finish the bases, so forgive them. Now if  I've understood the rules correctly, the Howling Banshees and Jain Zar have Acrobatics. Which gives them +3 to their run roll. Along with Jain Zar's Warlord Trait of Falcon's Swiftness which is +3 to the run roll too. So as these traits stack this unit will have a run move of D6+6!

I can imagine my opponents face as the unit moves 6" and then runs between 7" and 12". This would allow them to move into a great position to charge in turn two.  Have a game coming up this weekend so we will see how they do. If all goes well I plan on rounding the squad off, and having the full 10 man team.

But that's it for now.

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

The Fall of Taspia

Here follows the Tale of Ard Yhtill 

Returning again!

The Fallen Princes will be returning soon. So watch this space!

Anything written before this post will/may have broken pictures/links for this apologies. If you see any of these please drop a comment below so I can attempt to fix.

Many thanks

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Book Review: Iron Warriors Omnibus by Graham McNeill

So it's time for another review. This time it's from the Black Library range. Iron Warriors Omnibus draws from characters and events made infamous in the Ultramarine series also written by Graham McNeill. This omnibus contains the following stories: Storm of Iron, The Enemy of My Enemy, The Heraclitus Effect, The Skull Harvest, Iron Warrior, The Iron Without and The Beast of Calth.